Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Cool Change

The cool change just blew through Melbourne. All day the temperature has been hovering in the discomfort zone - mid thirties in the day, then a sticky twenty-five at night. It's been a still, airless day covered in a blanket of soft cloud. The weather has been drifting from the hot, arid interior on the back of northerly winds.

Just before midnight,  as the maligned Bureau of Meteorology predicted, the wind shifted to the south-west. Cooled by the waters of the great Antarctic Ocean, the weather suddenly plummets by a good ten degrees in a couple of minutes. We open doors and windows to greet the change and welcome it into the house. It arrives not with squalls and vicious rain or thunder, as it often does, but just a gentle breeze.

The cool change. Something you never quite get used to as an immigrant to this land. For days the wind can blow hot like opening a fan forced oven door; then just as suddenly whip round with sheeting rain.

Embrace the change. I'm off to bed, with new hope of sleep.