Saturday, February 14, 2009

The noise

I finally discovered what was making the clanking, grinding noise on my bike which occurred once per wheel revolution. I discovered this when my left pedal worked its way off in the midst of heavy traffic on the High Donaghadee Road. The nut holding it had been gradually working its way loose.

It was one of those awkward embedded nuts that required a socket set to tighten. So I went to the nearest Poundland style shop to buy one. I hunted high and low amongst the jam-packed shelves of string, torches and allen keys until I found one.

I expected to pay a couple of quid but it was £4.99. Robdogs. Needs must and desperation drive a hard bargain so I gritted my teeth and bought it.

I went out to my tethered bike and ripped open the packaging. I soon realised I had been sold a pup as the sockets were all tiny. Only the largest one fitted my pedal nut. But it did the job. I went to tighten up the nuts holding the rear wheels to the frame but all the sockets were too small for them. Bah.

So I went to tighten up the nut holding the right pedal. But as I did so the socket holding device thingy broke. The mechanism gave way and refused to tighten any more, no matter how hard I pleaded with it. I felt like crying for a minute until I realised I was right outside the shop and after a panicky minute hunting through pockets I found the receipt (but not before finding countless other receipts dating back over the past year for a variety of big ticket items like headache tablets, fruit juice and chewing gum.)

I told the 12 year old behind the counter my problem and he called over a 15 year old and after he inspected the mechanism and briefly tried to convince me it was working, I firmly assured him it wasn't. So I got my £4.99 back and my bike is repaired. Result! Well, partially repaired. The rear wheel keeps rocking from side to side. Might need a new one.

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