Friday, January 29, 2010


Further to the last post:

I turned up for my HR meeting but no-one turned up.

I advised the receptionist, then waited, and waited, and waited.

Finally, I said to her 'No-one has turned up. What should I do?'

'Well I told HR but no-one knows anything about it,' she snapped.

Presumably this was twenty minutes ago, as she had been on a personal call to someone about her shopping since then. She hadn't bothered telling me.

(She is a grumpy receptionist and not a 'people person.' Like many receptionists, in my experience.)

She asked me to see who the invitation letter I had was from. In fairness, it was signed by V, one of the head honchos in my department.

So I went upstairs but V was having a big TOPS meeting with all the other bosses. (Don't ask me what TOPS stands for. Total Operational Performance Standards or some similar nonsense, probably. They have one every day, who knows what they talk about.)

So I went back to work. Later V said she would rearrange it, but she is very busy & forgetful so maybe it won't happen. If anyone asks me about it I shall say, 'Oh don't worry about that. I sorted that out in your absence.'

An absence referral meeting in which the other parties were absent. Kafkaesque.

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