Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Doing a runner from a job

I've done this loads of times It's a real problem for me, I've had counselling about it.

The stupidest time was when I took a permanent civil service job, but couldn't face telling them I was returning to Australia in two months because they were so nice.

So I pretended to be mad!

I wrote the following letter:


Dear Mr *****,

I am sorry for my continued absence from work over the last week or so, but I feel that you should know he full circumstances. I believe that a vendetta is being carried out against me by certain persons within the branch, namely ******* and ******. Despite admitting that my work is nearly faultless, they seem to have decided that they do not want me working with them and have taken to attacking me on a personal level. They often have whispered conferences at the far end of the office, which I can tell are about me as they keep glancing in my direction. After these conferences are finished I am usually warned about some aspect of my behaviour. Last week it was for using the telephone too much at work, before that it was arriving five minutes late from lunch.

I could live with these minor irritants, but I have a much more serious problem to contend with. I believe that *** and ******* are trying to interfere with my work by destroying my powers of concentration. I believe that when either of them presses a certain combination of keys on their computer keyboard, some sort of white noise is emitted and interferes with my brain patterns. It seems that only I am affected by it. It is like having a swarm of invisible bees buzzing around in my head. They both create this effect several times a day. While they are doing it they nod and wink at each other. When they have finished they ask if I am ok or if I need any help, when they know fine rightly what sort of ordeal they have been putting me through. Then they go outside the office and laugh at me.

As you can understand, this behaviour is making me very unhappy at work, so I have decided to take some time off. I trust that you will investigate these matters fully and report back to me. I anticipate that I will be able to return to work without fear of harassment some time in the near future.

Yours sincerely,


The ****** folks were my boss and his boss. Nice people generally, although they had issued me an official warning for my 30 minute phone calls to my wife in Australia (She phoned me BTW.)

Two minutes later I regretted my decision, but it was done. About a week later they sent an occupational counsellor out to my house to interview me. I wasn't really sure how lunatics are supposed to behave, so I just answered him very slowly and stared at the fire. He was a bit frightened of me, I think, and was only too happy to get away after a few nondescript remarks.

And that was that, pretty much. I flew out to Australia and tried to forget about the whole thing. Well, actually, that's a lie. I got a referral to a psychiatrist and convinced him I was mad. Then I got him to write a letter which I forwared to the Civil Service in an effort to get them to keep paying me my wages. But they havn't replied.

I might be still officially employed there. I got a letter a while back advising me of a wage increase. But they said they couldn't give it to me because I wasn't employed there long enough. I never got a letter saying I was dismissed or fired. This was 8 years ago. Should I ask for my wages?

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