Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Soup Review

This is a new soup from Baxter's. It costs more than normal soup, presumably because it has a tiny amount of brandy and lobster in there.

I found it on the shelf at Tesco. In the soup aisle. It was with all the other soups in tins. The packet soups are lower, to the left.

At first, when I tried a spoonful cold from the tin, I thought to myself 'This isn't going to pleasant.' It tasted like mashed pilchards in tomato sauce.

But after I'd gone to the trouble of heating it in a pan, it got better.

Very thick, quite filling. It is a weird mix of fish and tomatoes, though. A bit like spaghetti marinara, but without the spaghetti bit. I'm just not sure if fish and tomatoes work well together. They are from different realms of the earth.

I prefer pasta marinara with a cream and cheese based fish sauce.
I use whale milk to make this, when it's in season. I disguise myself as a Minke calf and shuffle in amongst the pod, squeezing the teats of great lactating cetaceans.

I'm having a pint of tea and and some oak-smoked cheddar as an accompaniment. They are the soothing cello to the harsh discordant kettle drum of the lobster bisque.

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