Friday, January 07, 2011

Email to Jacobs


Dear Mr Jacobs,

My boss bought me a packet of Jacobs Cream Crackers for Christmas. I was delighted when I unwrapped the package on Christmas morn, as I've always wanted to try these interesting looking savoury treats.

However, I had some trouble applying the cream to the wafer. I have a refrigerator well stocked with both single and double cream. At first, I tried pouring the cream over the surface, but it kept running off. Then I tipped some cream into a bowl and dipped the cracker into it, but I found this unsatisfactory. Finally, I hit upon whipping some cream into stiff peaks, and ladling this onto the cream cracker. This was quite tasty.

However, when I went back to work after the holiday, I told my boss what I had done and she derided me. Apparently, you are supposed to eat crackers with toppings such as cheese and butter rather than cream. I have since tried this and found the results to be delicious.

May I suggest that you change the name of 'Jacobs Cream Crackers' to 'Jacobs Cheese/ Butter Crackers'? It would end much unnecessary confusion amongst consumers.

Yours faithfully,

IS McDonald

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