Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Dietary Habits

This week, I've been eating my porridge uncooked, with milk and raisins. Try it before you decry it. It's minimilist muesli for the recessionary era. I got this recipe from Maurice Carlin.

Only problem is, the mixture 'cooks' inside you, creating merry bloody hell with your innards. I dropped my guts five times yesterday, the first four before I'd even got out of bed.

I also bought a one kilo tub of peanut butter. When the top layer was finished, I stirred in a 240g jar of ASDA ginger preserve. It's delicious in white bread sandwiches.

Speaking of such matters, I had a prawn open salad with my mum today. It was lovely.

Her dinner table patter:

"Good prawns these aren't they? From M & S. North Atlantic ones. Not like those Asian ones. Do you know, they fertilize their fields with human faeces, and it runs into the lagoons, and that's where they get the prawns from. Come to think of it, it can't be too healthy eating the vegetables, if they harvest them in faeces. The smell from the farms must be terrible.'

I pushed the salad away, and helped myself to a bread roll.

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whynotsmile said...

I once had a flatmate who was astounded when I told her you were meant to heat up Readybrek. She ate it with milk and sugar, like cereal. It wasn't just that she prefered it that way, but that she had somehow failed to notice the pictures on the box with steam coming off the bowl, or the cooking instructions, or the things about it warming you up from the inside.

True story.