Monday, March 08, 2010


I don't think I can do my call centre job any more.

I've been taking 100 calls a day every day for a while now as they cut staff.

I got hassled for my toilet breaks as I'm taking too many, but I'm on diuretics (piss tablets) for my blood pressure.

I went to the doctor to get her to write them a letter explaining this, but she (understandably) said it was ridiculous and the NHS shouldn't have to pay for such a letter. She said she would charge my employers £20.

I went back to my boss and asked her if my firm would pay the money. After consulting with her boss, she said no. She'll give me an extra minute or two per day.

Great. That'll barely get my arse out of the seat and to the top of the stairs.

In the meantime, I've been fighting for some extra holidays for a while now.

I was suspended without pay for a week last year, but during part of that time I was off on holday. So I lost my holidays and my pay. I want one or the other back, preferably my holiday entitlement.

We don't book or holidays through human interaction. It's all done automatically by computer.

To my surprise, when I booked another holiday at the start of February, I accidentally booked six days off during a week rather than five and the software let me do it. We're entitled to 5 days & a 2 day weekend, so why the feck does their software let you book six days off? I bet I'm not the first to do that, and some people probably haven't noticed.

So I'd lost a day & I couldn't get it back outa the computer. I told my boss. I told HR. I just want my frigging holidays back.

I think I should hand in my notice.

Here are some letters I have written. It's not too much to ask is it?

Dear Sir/Madam,

1.) Last year I was suspended without pay from 30th September until Sunday 4th October, though in reality I did not receive any pay for that week (see attached photocopy). However, I was off on holiday on the 28th and 29th September and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of October. I have had these days taken off my leave entitlement, despite not being paid for them. At the time my team leader,*******, told me that these holidays would be added back on to my entitlement. This has not been done to date. Please could you adjust my remaining leave accruement accordingly.

2.) My holiday entitlement for year 2008/9 still shows 11.92 hours. I was in passport grad bay when I started my role in ************** in March 2009 and was not allowed to take these holidays. Please add these hours to my leave entitlement for 2009/10.

3.) I worked two bank holidays in springtime of last year. One was May day and perhaps one was at Easter. I was told that I would get a day in lieu for each of these days. These could have already been added on, but since I have never received any communication to this effect I have no way of verifying this. Please could you verify whether my entitlement has been altered.

Yours faithfully,


And when that didn't work:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Since my last letter (enclosed) I have had twelve hours added on to my leave entitlement. However, I haven’t received any correspondence as why this has happened. I’m guessing that it may be the 11.97 hours still showing from my 2008/9 allowance. Please could you let me know what’s going on.

In addition to the unresolved issues from my last letter, I inadvertently booked six days off during the first week of February just past. As you are aware, I’m only supposed to work five days out of seven. As I’ve only been paid for five days, please could you give me back one day’s holiday allowance.

Yours faithfully,

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