Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A seal

I was out in the bay yesterday and a seal popped his head up about six feet from me. He had a grey head and long whiskers. He looked surprised.

I said 'Hello' out loud.

He (or she) gave me a look as if to say 'What the effing hell are you doing out here? Can't you see I'm trying to fish?'

So I said 'Sorry.' Out loud.

Then he ducked his head below the water and I didn't see him again. I know from watching them before from the land that they can hold their lungs for ages and ages, and swim for many feet under water. So by the time he popped his head up again he was probably half way to Belfast.

Then a friendly boat owner came by and told me I was too far from shore. He said the speedboats couldn't see me as I was nearly invisible to them. He offered me a lift back to shore but I swam back. I think it's unfair of the speedboats and their waterskier tow-behinds to come so close to land. They have the whole of Belfast Lough to play in, minus a few shipping lanes. They are just showing off by coming in so close to land.

They might say I'm showing off by swimming out so far, but I'm not. I like the water out there. It's only ten feet deep and you still meet seals.


Anonymous said...

Did you REALLY swim with a seal?

bresker said...

Yes, I see a lot of them. And I think I kicked one the other day! They come in 15 feet from the shore