Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Clive Tyldsley and Jim Beglin

At the start of the Holland - Uruguay match, Clive Tyldsley claimed "Uruguay last made the semi-finals in 1970, before these players were even thought of."

How can he know that for sure?

For instance, the oldest player in the squad, Andres Scotti, was born in 1975.

How does Clive know that Mr and Mrs Scotti were not trying fruitlessly to have children for several years before the joyful birth of Andres?

Or perhaps they had decided to see how things went career wise for a few years before starting a family.

Or perhaps Andres has older brothers or sisters and his birth was just a natural progression, maybe based on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

All I'm saying is, I hope Clive did the necessary research before making such a bold claim. We all remember the scandals involving Blue Peter, Ant & Dec and This Morning. For sure.

Vale Jim Beglin. He wasn't ill. He's dead. He came out for his hotel room late one night and bumped into Kevin Keegan in the corridor. Jim thought he'd seen a ghost and dropped down dead from fright. Marcel Desailly fed him to the lions in a game reserve, not sure why.

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