Friday, November 28, 2008


I have finished my Systems Analysis project. I finished it last night at 3.00am.

I still have no idea what Systems Analysis is. Never have I written such nonsensical rubbish. By the end I was cutting and pasting direct from websites.

But I'm glad I stuck it out. I had considered dropping out of the course and hiding under the bed on Monday. When the 'flight or fight' instinct overwhelms me, my body still cries 'flight.' I did take the first three days off this week to finish the damn thing. But I finished it.

Thanks to some things I worked out with a cognitive behaviour therapist last year, I am a bit better at handling things. It all goes back to my childhood. Everything goes back to your childhood in cognitive behaviour therapy.

A couple of years back I would have left the course and never returned. I am learning.

Now I just have to master Java and VB. That might incur another does stress, as my next assigments will be due in the coming weeks for both these subjects.

Maybe flight is the answer. I should get on a plane to Australia and become a jackaroo.

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