Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hit lampost

Was walking down Main Street there, spied a couple of electric guitars in the window of the O2 phone shop across the way. Peered closely and realised they were cardboard cutouts. Why so? I mused. No explanation was included, but I supposed that even in this day & age an electric guitar is still the symbol of freedom & rebellion, our new technologies havn't created their own symbol to rival the relatively low-tech Fender Strato..........

CLUNK! walked straight into a lampost!

That'll teach me to absent-mindedly deconstruct modern marketing techniques whilst promenading on my big ole hooves.

Anyway, how yous all doing? Nice sunday lunch? I had loin of pork.

Then I went to gym. It was after that I walked into the lampost.

I got 4 numbers up in the Lottery last night. Really, you'd think the fickle finger of fate could have gone the whole hog and given me the last two. I'm not a bad person. I recycle. Still, there's £100 I wouldn't have had. I do spent a lot on the lottery.

I just ate a hot smoked pepper mackerel, and then another hot smoked peppered mackerel. They were good. I shouldn't have eaten the cold loin of pork afterwards. Didn't feel right.

Just ate a Sharon fruit for the first time ever. I recommend it. It's not much to look at, but the flesh is delicate and sweet. Not a load of juice, which is a selling point, because who wants a load of juice running down your chin? It's ok if you're a child raiding an orchard, but for us adults there's smart shirts & upholstery to be kept clean.

Looks like a yellow beefsteak tomato, you can grab a punnet of them in ALDI.

Here, while we're on the subject - what's the difference between a clementine and a mandarin?

Got a bit of Planxty, Flook, Mary Bergin and all that going on the Lastfm jukebox.

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