Sunday, November 30, 2008

What on earth is on Radio 5 at the moment?

7.00pm, Sunday night.

Some show called 'The Big Ask' which purports to answer life's big questions in that jokey, blokey, sub-Top Gear style that Radio 5 is becoming infamous for.

The controllers shut down the Radio 5 weekly investigative documentary last year, which often broke stories rather than reflected on them - surely something a genuine NEWS radio channel should aspire to.

It's been replaced by this tripe, yet another 'sideways' look at the hot topic of the day. It's pretty much a news version of Fighting Talk, itself very much a curate's egg, with the emphasis on the bad parts.

Of course, they can't persuade any decent comedians to turn up at 7.00pm on a Sunday night, so they have to rely on some coves who can barely string a recognizable sentence together, let alone an amusing one.

In short, it's crap.

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