Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Portavoe 1/12/08

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More views of Portavoe and surrounds.

The water tower beside the lake presumably fed the pipes to the mains; the reservoir itself is low lying and gravity is needed to establish pressure in the water system. These days, all our water comes from high up the Mourne Mountains. There's no need for water towers at that height.

The first picture is of an abandoned stone house at Portavoe. It contains empty drink cans and tins of sweetcorn, oddly.

The second abandoned house still contains some furniture. It's on a little hidden street called McIlwaine's lane off the Groomsport bypass. Wooden bungalows were surprisingly common around Groomsport - you usually see that style of housing in warmer climes, like Australia or the US. There's still a few wooden homes in Orlock and Andrew's Shorefield in Groomsport. Most of them are disappearing to make way for new developments. There were a few round Ballymacormack when I was a boy but they've all been knocked down to make way for large brick homes.

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