Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Portavoe 1/12/08

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The landscape over the fields beyond Ballymacormack and Groomsport.

I walked up Gooch's lane, as I believe it is called. Then along the Springwell road, past a Fairy Fort. That's the gorse-covered mound in the second picture down. Apparently, some farmers won't touch them for fear of disturbing the little people, who'll come and snatch your children off to the land of Tir na Nog. In reality, they are often the sites of ancient homesteads. Maybe the farmer just can't be bothered cutting the rough ground on the crest of the hill. Some fairy mounds are covered in ancient blackthorn trees that no farmer would dare remove for fear of angering the sprites.

The other views are of the Lower Balloo and Kylestone roads. Taken on a bitterly cold, windswept 1st December, with buzzards and kestrels swooping overhead.

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